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Kalagruh Private Limited is an institution which endeavors to promote Art and Artists in the market by offering its Works and services. Visual Art Works play very crucial role in our Lives as it stimulates Positive thoughts in the minds and nurture creative ideas as well which have proven to be very impactful.

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Years of Experience
(since 2011)

Installation of Visual Art works is an innovative way to beautify your Home and work space with valued asset. It is an investment with mind blowing outcome. We have variety in visual art works from economic to high Value of various artists. It will also give you an opportunity to enjoy different and multiple Art works at differential prices.

For proud parents it will be a great opportunity to visually present different art works of various artists to their children which will cherish their creative minds and positive thoughts. This especially aids in improving observation skills and accelerating their innovative minds.

What We Do

Specialization & Services

Kalagruh offers its services of Consultation and selection of visual art works to the customers based on the residence & work place ambience, Transportation and Installation of Art Work.

Selling Visual Art Works- Painting, Sculpture, Mural, installation & Performance Art.

Kalagruh offers Renting service keeping customer success in focus. As at a price of 1 artwork customer can enjoy 6 artworks for a Year.

Conceptual or based on customer's requirement

For Children, Employees and Customers based on creative concept, educational or based on business or event requirement

Kalagruh Resale Individual ( Residencial ) and Institutional ( Corporate offices, Hotels etc ) artworks through its platform to interested buyers

Fine Art Works Bidding and Sales Virtual and Actual.

Kalagruh attempts to preserve the artwork and renovation of artwork that has injury or decay. With the attempt to restore work to its original appearance. Conservation refers to maintenance and preservation to safeguard against future deterioration.

We Kalagruh shape Artwork and Artists careers both in a day-to-day and long-term sense. We help artists plan projects, Exhibitions and tours, create marketing and merchandising strategies and establish and pursue long-term career goals.

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